Welcome, cousins.


This site represents a journey on the way from disjointed collections of family lore to well-supported hypotheses concerning the migration story of the Rhodes family of colonial Joppa Town, Baltimore County, Maryland.

We have an atDNA study, and Y-DNA participants in the works. Behind the scenes we have collections of original research, rare sources, and family stories. If you’re a Rhodes researcher, talk to Lisa Chan about volunteering with the website or contributing sources and research.

Check out the navigation at the top of the page for features. PEOPLE is where the action is at.

Also, come visit us at Rhodes of colonial Baltimore County, Maryland on FB for a virtual family reunion where we share reseach, pictures, and welcome Rhodes cousins (join request required)!

CELEBRATION: June 13 2016 is the day that descendants from all three patriarchs – Alexander Rhodes (1790), Israel Rhodes (1794-96), and McComas Rhodes (1800) – join the FaceBook group! A reunion 175 years in the making. The Member count at the time was 44 Rhodes descendants and growing.

July 2016 marks the beginning of a collaborative effort to document the descendants of John Rhodes (abt 1743) of Baltimore, Marlyland m. Sarah Standiford (abt 1750) through WikiTree. Join us!