Rhodes atDNA Study Coordinator – Lisa Chan. Primary participant count: 20. Researchers: 20+.

Several Rhodes cousins are joining an autosomalDNA project to help proof their pedigrees and connections to the Henderson County, Tennessee and Orange County, North Carolina lines descended from the Baltimore County, Maryland Rhodes lines and associated surnames.

If you would like to join the project, email Lisa Chan for more information. The project is coordinated from private pages through this website. Original research will be produced from this study.

Seeking Rhodes of Baltimore County, Maryland – Orange County, North Carolina – Henderson County, Tennessee – Cuba, Graves, Kentucky – Fayette County, Illinois.

Other associated surnames: Poteet/Poteat/Petette/Petite, etc. – Standiford – McComas – Anderson


To confirm a direct descent of Alexander Rhodes (1790) from Richard Rhodes (1713) and Sarah Whitaker McComs of Baltimore County, Maryland.

To map the migration of the Rhodes surname from Baltimore County, Maryland throughout the United states.

To collect supporting evidence for the claims of the parents of Alexander Rhodes (1790) and Elizabeth Poteet (1790).

To collect supporting evidence for siblings and close cousins of Alexander Rhodes and Elizabeth Poteet/Poteat/Poteete/Petette. [Israel Rhodes of Henderson County, TN – McComas Rhodes of Graves County, KY – and Poteet cousins]

To identify cousin clusters associated with these lines and connect them to wider Rhodes/Poteet network of cousinship.

To identify the cousin clusters associated with the children of Richard Rhodes (1713) and Sarah Whitaker McComas.

To produce a paper of our findings that all Rhodes family historians can benefit from.

And finally, to have loads of fun!

Y-DNA through FTDNA

The Rhodes DNA Project  – “The Rhodes DNA Project is open to all families with this surname, of all spelling variations, and from all locations.” Click here to order a test.

The Y-DNA test is available only for males and tracks genetic mutations over several thousand years verses the 150-250 years made available by autosomal DNA.


To connect the line of Richard Rhodes (1713) to families outside of the United States to determine the ethnicity of Richard.