Israel Rhodes (1794-1872)

Israel Rhodes (1794-1872), also sometimes known as Joseph Israel Rhodes, was born in North Carolina and moved to Henderson County, Tennessee around 1823.

He is supposedly buried in Rhodes Cemetery in Henderson County along with other close relatives. Its proximity to Big Sandy River suggests that the cemetery location is close to the land he and his children owned.

There are no known extant records for

  • Exact birthdate, birthplace
  • Parents
  • Marriage Date
  • Spouse’s last name


Some Ancestry trees have his birthplace as Bertie County, North Carolina. There are no records yet that support this claim that are known to us. Census records attributed to him state North Carolina [source].


Israel Rhodes’ parents are said to be John Rhodes and Sarah Standiford. However, no documents exist to support this claim. We are eager to have more persons descended from this individual join our Rhodes atDNA study and to also have a male of the Rhodes surname descended from him take a Y-DNA test through FTDNA (see DNA section).

Children with Phoebe

Children with “+” have descendants who match our atDNA study participants, most are through AncestryDNA and we hope to encourage them to upload their kits to Gedmatch for in-depth analysis.

1. Richard Tillman Rhodes b. abt  m Frances E Fuller
2. + Angeline Rhodes
3. + Leanna/Rosanna Rhodes m. Thomas Dalton
4. + William G Rhodes m. Susan Smith
5.    Alford A Rhodes m. Elizabeth E Williams
6. + John Mitchell Rhodes m. Mary Ellen Williams
7. + James P Rhodes b. abt 1834 d. unknown m. Martha Reed and Martha (Bradford?)
8. + Margaret Camilla Rhodes m. Levi Pruett

Burial Location

Joseph Rhodes, Rhodes Cemetery, Wildersville, Henderson County, Tennessee near the Big Sandy River.

Place Study: Rhodes Cemetery, Wildersville, Henderson County, Tennessee


[RCxxx, PRxxx] represent atDNA study participants. [DSxxxx] represents a non-participant match to participants in the atDNA study. We use codes to protect the privacy of the Rhodes atDNA Study participants as well as their non-participating matches. If you wish to review the match data contact Lisa Chan.

[PR001] is our most significant study participant known to descend from Israel Rhodes (1794-1872), a great grandchild. They have tested with FTDNA, AncestryDNA, and uploaded a kit to They are also a projected 3rd to 4th cousin with [RC011], our closest study participant to Alexander Rhodes (1790-1840), a second great grandchild. [RC011] shares 99cMs with [PR001] according to AncestryDNA, and 104cM with estimated generations to MRCA = 3.6 through Gedmatch. Why their shared ancestral couple is predicted to be at the generational level of Israel Rhodes/Phoebe is unclear at this time.

The cousinship of [PR001] and [RC011] is our strongest clue yet that Israel Rhodes could be a brother of Alexander Rhodes (1790-1840).

Matches with children of Israel Rhodes

This list is not exhaustive and it is updated periodically as significant matches are discovered.

Angeline Rhodes

Study participant [PR002] is descended from Angeline Rhodes.

Leanna/Roseanna Rhodes

William G Rhodes

[DS0040] to [RC011]
[DS0033] to [PR001, PR002, RC002, RC003, RC005, RC011, RC0015, RC0017]
[DS0025] to [PR001, RC003, RC0010, RC011]

John Mitchell Rhodes

[DS0081] to [PR001, PR002, PR004, RC001, RC003, RC005, RC010, RC011, RC014, RC015, RC016, RC017]

James P Rhodes

Study participant [PR001] is descended from James P Rhodes.
[DS0075] to [PR002, RC003, RC015]

Margaret Camilla Rhodes

Study participant [PR004] is descended from Margaret Camilla Rhodes and Levi J Pruett.
[DS0024] to [PR001, RC002, RC005, RC009, RC011, RC015]
[DS0065] to [PR001, PR004, RC005, RC015, DS0062]
[DS0051] to [RC0015]
[DS0023] to [PR001, PR004, RC005, RC015]


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