McComas Rhodes (1799-1867)

McComas Rhodes (1799-1867) was born in North Carolina and lived most of his life in Graves County, Kentucky.

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Many Ancestry trees claim John Rhodes m. Sarah Standiford as his parents. However, there are no known records to confirm this.

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The children of McComas Rhodes and Mary Cole

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The majority of the Rhodes cousins involved in the Rhodes atDNA Study are descended from Alexander Rhodes (1790-1840). A few others represent Rhodes lines from outside of Fayette County, Illinois. [PR001] is descended from Israel Rhodes (1794-1872) and shares 30cMs with [PC0012], who is descended from McComas Rhodes (1799-1867). It’s projected that they would share [PR001]’s 2nd great grandparents (parents of Israel Rhodes), which lines up well with the hypothesis that McComas Rhodes (1794-1872) is a sibling of Alexander Rhodes (1790-1840) and Israel Rhodes (1794-1872).