Ancestors of Baltimore County, Maryland

Richard Rhodes (1713) and Sarah Whitaker McComas of Baltimore County, Maryland

children: Hannah, John, William, Martha, Aquila, Priscilla, Sarah, Alexander McComas, Richard and Thomas

Baltimore County Families 1659-1777 by Robert W. Barnes, 1930; Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Pub. Co c.1989

Rhodes Patriarch of Fayette County, Illinois

Alexander Rhodes (1790-1840) m. Elizabeth Poteet (1790- ?)

Rhodes Patriarch of Henderson County, Tennessee

Israel Rhodes (1794-1872) m. Phoebe unk

Rhodes Patriarch of Graves County, Kentucky

McComas Rhodes (1799-1867) m. Mary Cole

Poteete Cousins of Maury and Williamson County, Tennessee

There’s a cousin locus of Poteete’s suspected to be descended from relatives of Elizabeth Petette/Poteet (1790-?) centered around Maury and Williamson counties in Tennessee. Their patriarch is a James Monroe Poteet (1812-1896) m. Minerva Ann Fitz (1810-1892). One of our eldest participants [RC007] has strong DNA connections to these lines. Please contact us, if you are descended from these lines or have supporting records for the father of James Monroe Poteete.